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Outline the benefits and consequences of immigration policy geared toward granting asylum to illegal immigrants.

I need my topic to be about CHILD ABUSE.

In order to help you evaluate sources for your issue paper focused on a national/international public issue of importance to you, you will first create an annotated bibliography.

The annotated bibliography assignment asks you to provide annotations for 5 credible sources. These annotations will include:

An APA citation for the source
A sentence summary of the source
A sentence about the credibility of the source
A sentence explaining how you plan to use the source in your paper.


Oldham, T.J. (2014). Immigration policy and the case for granting asylum. Immigration Policy Quarterly, 13, 87-114.

This article outlines the benefits and consequences of immigration policy geared toward granting asylum to illegal immigrants. It showcases examples of asylum cases that have proven successful. The author of the article is a public defender in southern Arizona who specializes in immigration cases. This article provides strong moral and policy-based evidence to support the asylum side of the immigration debate. I can definitely use the author’s moral argument as support for my proposal in my essay.

White, W. (2012, April 22). Controlling the border is America’s priority number one. Jacksonville

Picayune, pp. 2B-3B.

This newspaper editorial makes the argument that America’s security is under attack by illegal immigrants. White argues that any policy short of deportation is too lenient. The author is part of the editorial staff of the Jacksonville newspaper, and it is unclear what expertise she has on immigration policy. The article is clearly written for those who favor stricter immigration policy. Since I will be arguing for less severe measures, I can use this article to soften the blow of my argument to those who would oppose my proposal.

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