Article Review: Resource-based theories of competiitive advantage: A Ten year retrospective on the resource-based view

Case Assignments/Article Critique –
Assessments should be no longer than three pages in length (excluding
attachments). All sources should be correctly cited and a pdf attached when sending completed project.Case studies will be presented to the class in order to stimulate class discussion. The presentation should last 15-20 minutes, with the presenter expected to perform the following:
i. Summarize the major issues within the organization and problem statement
ii. Present critical internal/external issues that are critical to the case
iii. Present alternative strategies or solutions to solve the problem and any recommendations based on your evaluation.
Article Review should follow the example provided (Article 2 Critique Example). In addition to using the format stated in the example provided basic questions should be answered.I have three of these projects due before the first . Please let me know that you understand what I need.
Researching the problem: should be specific and descriptive
Research Methodology : describe methology used and cite sources to support the opinion taken.
Be specific in findings, using peer reviewed sources to support your opinion
The actual critique should include suggestions on alternative ways to approach and resolve the issues identified
All work should be in APA format with 1 and 1/2 line spaces, font 12 , Times New Roman,
Power Point should be professional in appearance and no more than two lines of text. Notes must be included for each slide as well as the source if used. Pictures and graphics should be dominant on each slide not text. once again, talking points and /or notes are to be on each page for the presentation. A reference page for the slides should be included and must follow APA format. Please provide actual references in a PDF format when submitting the completed project. This is a presentation for 40 professionals. It must be done correctly.