Focus on a single element of hip hop, detailing its creation and evolution in both the United States and abroad.

Critical element review papers must be a minimum of 750 words, but no longer than 1250 words. Element review papers will focus on a single element of hip hop, detailing its creation and evolution in both the United States and abroad. Specific guidelines will be distributed.

Assignment Overview:
The element review paper asks students to engage with one of the five elements of hip hop in order to produce a critical summary, analysis, and comprehensive understanding of the significance of the element under review. This includes charting its creation, evolution, and relation to the remaining elements of hip hop both in the United States and around the globe. Students should anchor their papers in both course readings, outside academic texts, and media examples in order to focus on the complex representations of class, ethnicity, gender, race, and sexuality found within their chosen element. Papers will engage with at least one (1) course reading, one (1) outside reading, and one (1) media example relating to their chosen element, employ proper citations (including a bibliography), and conform to stylistic conventions listed in the syllabus. Example papers provided on course blackboard.
A “C” paper meets the minimum standards for the assignment, and includes the following:
– A clear thesis
– Consistent style and appropriate formatting
– Typed, stapled, and numbered with 12pt font, 1” margins, single-spacing, and black ink
– Is written in complete sentences with few grammatical errors (no contractions) v At least 750 words in length (not including reference page)
– Contains an introductory and concluding or summary paragraph
– Includes a reference page that is formatted consistently with at least three (3)
– Most of the paper is in original language (i.e. limited use of quotations)
A “B” paper meets all the criteria for a “C” paper, and includes the following in addition:
– Includes a thesis which is expressed as a statement with one distinct idea, and
contains a preview of the main points
– Is greater than 750 words (not including reference page), but does not exceed 1250
words in length
– Includes transitions between all paragraphs
– Includes three (3) or more credible sources with adequate citations,
introductions, and summations
– Minimal grammatical and stylistic errors present
An “A” paper meets all the criteria for a “C” and “B” paper, and includes the following in addition:
– Demonstrates effective organization of main points
-Demonstrates balance of main points
– Relatively free of any and all grammatical or stylistic errors
A “D” paper fails to meet two of the criteria for a C paper but is sufficient to meet the most basic
requirements of the assignment.
An “F” paper fails to meet the criteria for minimum standards of submission.

Hip Hop has five elements:
1. DJ – deejay, turntablist, beat boxer
2. MC – emcee, master of ceremonies, microphone controller, rapper
3. Break Dancing – breakin’, physical graffiti, b-boys and b-girls
4. Graffiti – tagging, bombing, writing, writers
5. Knowledge/Style – aesthetics and intellectuals