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How does the use of computers in banking influence the ability of Wells Fargo employees to commit this fraud?

CJ _Global Technology & Crime

Your preliminary information for this Assignment will come from following the program:

Wells Fargo CEO denies orchestrated fraud in accounts scandal

In a well-organized essay please answer the following questions:

Wells Fargo has been accused of fraud. How does the use of computers in banking influence the ability of Wells Fargo employees to commit this fraud? Were crimes committed? What punishments would discourage this from happening again in the future? What else can be done to protect consumers from this type of fraud?



Length: 5 – 6 pages (At least 5, no more than 6)

Font Size: 12

Font: Times New Roman, Calibri, Arial

Line Spacing: Double

Citations: APA formatting

Please include at least five (5) credible sources to support your argument using APA formatting for the citations. I have provided you with one (1) credible source.

Information on APA formatting can be found at:


You will prepare a one and a half to two and half (1.5 – 2.5) minute presentation to present your findings to your peers.

The presentation will consist of a POWERPOINT presentation (files must be .ppt or .pptx), four to five (4-5) slides, the first slide will be a title page and the remaining will be the substance of your presentation. There are no citations necessary for your powerpoint because all of the information will be taken from your paper. Your paper will properly cite all sources.and put some photos .

i need short point for the present your findings to your peers for Presentation

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