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Watch this video and write your opinion ( Half page) https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=A3k4EOmrjvk

Watch this video and write your opinion ( Half page)

Then, you have to respond to my classmates. ( Use , I agree with you or disagree with you) DO NOT say, I agree with your classmates or disagree with your classmates !!!!

First Student : 1/4 page

Signing the Tort Reform Bill into law on 7/26/11 did wonderful things for the state of South Carolina. This bill strengthened the state and brought jobs into South Carolina. The neighboring states as they say already had the states so it appears that South Carolina was very far behind. Passing the bill 100 to 7 is very incredible. I feel as if its very rare to pass a bill with that big of gap. Its crazy to think that this started in 2003 and took nearly seven years to pass the bill. This bill ensures that all business\’s even small business\’s are treated correctly and ensure an even playing field for all which I think is very important.

Second Student : 1/4 page

When the Tort reform bill was passed in South Carolina it opened a ton of doors for small business owners in the state of South Carolina. The bill was needed for the small business\’s because of the high cost they had to pay in order to stay afloat. This law would also stop useless lawsuit against small business. South Carolina had a major problem with people and other corporations throwing lawsuits against small business making their profits plum-it and incapable to ever paying the lawsuit. The tort reform bill will now protect all citizens from not being treated correctly. Litigation would come to a standstill for all tort reformed business\’s. Taxes would be lowered due to the bill allowing a business to grow since they will no longer have to worry about all their profit going to taxes.

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