Explain the 3 different types of plate boundaries .

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Please read the project instructions very carefully. I will be grading these projects very strictly, for both content and formatting.

Be sure to use your book to make sure all of your information is accurate. If you use any online resources, be sure to cite them in the text.

Your project must be submitted as doc or docx files.

Minimum 500 words.

You must write a play scene/dialogue between Alfred Wegener and a modern day geologist that has traveled back in time to try to convince Wegener to stop trying to prove his continental drift hypothesis. They are meeting on the eve of Wegener\’s fatal mission to Greenland during which he was trying to prove his hypothesis. He wants Wegener to live to do more great things.

You must be sure to include this specific information:

At least 3 pieces of evidence Wegener used to prove continental drift

Why other geologists of Wegener\’s time didn\’t believe his theory

What technology has led to the discovery of plate tectonics (what are some of the seafloor features first discovered that helped prove plate tectonics)

Explain the 3 different types of plate boundaries

Explain the underlying process that takes place in the mantle that drives plate tectonics