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should college athletes be paid salaries to play as if they were employees? Why or why not?

********MLA format*** Times Roman 12pt font double space.
***Topic Below*** Please include a thesis statement also.
As the college football season is in full swing, we are reminded that athletics at colleges and universities across the nation is big business. Schools can make a lot of money from sports and sports merchandise. While most schools have multiple sports programs, and often the big revenue from one sport is outweighed by the costs of other sports, college athletes are the ones putting in the most work. Even though most schools offer scholarships for many of their athletes, the NCAA places a lot of
restrictions on what schools, sponsors, boosters, alumni, and others can give to these athletes. In light of that, should college athletes be paid salaries to play as if they were employees? Why or why not?

****Essay requirements:
4-5 pages (4 complete pages minimum, not including works cited page)
MLA format (including MLA parenthetical citations for quotations/paraphrases and works cited page) Use Standard English grammar and mechanics
Use formal third-person voice, academic writing style (you cannot use “I” or “you”)
Adhere to the assignment
Follow essay guidelines outlined in syllabus and resource documents
Include small amounts of quotations/paraphrases from at least two [2] (but no more than four [4]) credible popular or scholarly (not reference) sources to support your thesis

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