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Discus History of interior design ( Islamic motifs )

Write 12 pages 12pt APA style
Research Outline :
-Islamic motif definition (define what exactly makes up Islamic design)
– From where it’s coming?
( what are the origins and the history. You may want to talk about how different areas have different motifs).
You will want to include a bit about why no images can be included in Islamic Art too.
– Islamic geometric pattern
Also talk about the beautiful swirling floral motifs and the calligraphy.
– Islamic geometric materials
Materials, paint, plaster, marble, gold leaf, precious gems etc.
– Relationship between Islamic geometric motifs and other culture.
(how does Islamic design compare to other cultures?)
– The use of Islamic motifs
Where so you find these motifs? Are they in the buildings or outside or both?
– Pictures
I would mention the designs as a part of specific mosques or buildings too.

the sources as many as you want

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