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Create an annotated bibliography on metacognition.

Submit this Midterm as a Microsoft Word document in 12-point font.
Create an annotated bibliography. This will demonstrate your ability to select credible research sources, analyze them critically, and document them according to APA guidelines.
The annotated bibliography must consist of full reference entries for three credible sources that relate in any way to the concept of metacognition.
At least one of the three sources must be from Virtual Library databases, including EBSCOHost.
Each entry in the annotated bibliography must include:
• A properly executed APA reference entry for the source.
• A 4- to 6-sentence paragraph, of your own original writing, in which you identify one or more key points or data pieces that the source contains. Specifically, identify key points from sources that would help readers to understand metacognition and how it can be valuable to students and employees in the workforce.

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