Define Safe Spaces

Length: 1000 words + Works Cited (MLA formation) 3 journal to do citation!!! Write in your own wordsIn introduction you have to provide a question then thesis and research then conclusion.
Please don\’t forget to do citation from i thesis or researchAt many North American universities, there are strong movements to make campuses, in the words of certain advocates, \”safe spaces,\” free from actions and language that might be construed as abuse or might be likely to make members of certain groups feel unwelcome or uncomfortable.Promoters of safe space argue that an educational institution should feel open to all and that insisting on safe spaces reduces harassment, racism, and violence of all kinds.Others, however, are concerned that the safe space movement unduly restricts free and open debate. Some have claimed that higher education should, at times, make people uncomfortable.For this essay, research what is being said and done to promote safe spaces, at North American universities and what has been said in response. Then, craft an essay that vigorously defends or critiques the idea. Remember that a good essay should not shy away from a clear position.After completing essay please provide the client with the website link that you used for citation You should not more or less than 3 to 4 journal or website to do MLA formate
and must not! be used as sources:
Study guides or notes, in print or online (e.g. Coles Notes, Sparknotes)
General encyclopaedia in print or online (e.g. Wikipedia)
Web sites of general interest (e.g.
Private web sites, even when focussed on specific authors or issues.
Reliable secondary sources include the following, all of which
you are encouraged to use as sources:
Articles from peer-reviewed literary journals, in print
or online
Books from university presses or high quality
commercial presses
Articles from large specialized reference works (e.g.
The Encyclopaedia of the Renaissance)
Web sites maintained by scholarly associations and institutions of higher learning
Articles from high quality periodicals, in print or online

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