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Write an essay on the American Government.

POL101.99 American Government
The final exam is cumulative and includes multiple-choice, true/false and essay-type questions. It is timed. You have to complete it on your own. That is, with no aid from books, notes or electronic devices. It is worth 30 points.
There are 78 questions in total: 50 multiple-choice, 24 true/false questions and one bonus question on the two memoirs (My Beloved World and My Grandfather\’s Son).Questions on public opinion/media, political parties and interest groups, and nominations and elections are worth .35 of a point (36 of these questions). Questions on the rest of the chapters are worth .25 of a point (38 of these questions).
In addition, there are three short answer/essay questions (from the second half of the semester) worth 7.90 points in total: Two longer questions, worth 3 points each. You are expected to complete 12 lines for each of these longer questions; the short question is worth 1.90 points and to complete it six lines are enough. The Bonus question is worth 3 points. You have two hours to complete the final examination. Reminder: you cannot pause and you cannot backtrack.As the sources to prepare for the exam you can use: one of the books called, my grandfathers son, published in 2008. The other is in the syllabus when you login, you can look through it.

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