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Cyber security

Discussions (only need to be 75-150 words)-

Cyber security

Should individuals and small business be concerned with cyber security or is this just an issue for large businesses and corporations?


DNA is widely used to solve crimes. As more samples are becoming available in large databases, more crimes are being solved including cold-case crimes.

Do you think everyone should have to provide their DNA sample to these databases available only for law enforcement personnel?

Do you believe felons should have to? Why or why not?

Papers- APA format—


The Internet has helped many different professionals. Write a 2 to 3 page essay on how the Internet has helped forensics/ criminalistics. (Hint: Consider looking at the following websites to get started:http://criminalistics.com/http://www.aafs.org/http://www.acsr.org/).


Penetration Testing

Nitro Hardware Company needs to have their network tested for security. Discuss the steps involved in the penetration testing process of the Nitro Hardware Company and outline how you are going to handle addressing identified vulnerabilities.


Compose a 2-4 page paper in APA style, citing a minimum of 2 sources for this assignment.

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