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Differentiated Lesson Plan

Differentiated Lesson Plan

Using the Lesson Plan Template (http://files.solution-tree.com/pdfs/Reproducibles_SDI/lessontemplate.pdf) from Solution Tree, design a complete lesson plan that includes the following:

  • Grade level
  • Subject
  • Topic
  • State Standards
  • Learning Objectives
  • Big Ideas
  • Essential Question
  • Hook or Anticipatory Set
  • Teacher Input
  • Student Output
  • Evidence of Learning
  • Assessment
  • Student Reflection
  • Integrate differentiated elements by changing the content, process, and product of the lesson by reviewing and modifying the completed lesson plan.

In addition to the textbook, use at least two scholarly sources to gather ideas for differentiation strategies. Using the sample lessons in Chapter 8 of the textbook, specify the changes to content, product, or process in the template (bold font or highlight the changes and specify if they are to differentiate by content, process, or product). Format your citations and references according to APA style

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