Our pricing is based on the following factors: Academic level; Number of pages; Urgency; and Type of paper required. The values are in USD per page. You have the option of selecting your currency when checking out. We always approach each order individually in order to ensure that the most capable writer is assigned the work to deliver on time and according to provided instructions.

Our prices are set to industry average, which enables hiring of highly qualified writers to produce high quality papers for clients. We receive requests for assistance on a range of topical areas from students around the world. We receive orders on personal letters, book reviews, music reviews, ordinary research papers, Master’s Degree theses among others. Furthermore, some clients seek our professional assistance in proper arrangement of papers they have written themselves in order to feel fully confident about the final document. Some clients provide us with detailed outlines so that we may develop a paper that correctly meet what they have in mind. Indeed, we appreciate when you provide us with all precise data and instructions because it gives our writers a humble time in writing the paper. Please keep this in mind when placing your order with us because a well-articulated instructions lead to a high scoring final paper.

Our quote for individual assignment is thus determined on the academic level, volume or number of pages required, and urgency or the order itself. Please keep in mind that the quoted price is not inclusive of any primary research that you may need done. The mandate of our team of writers does not entail gathering primary data using such data gathering techniques as interviews, questionnaires, observations, and focus group interviews. This is due to the amount of time and resources involved in such undertakings, as well as geographical factors. However, where such data collection are needed for your assigned academic work, we will be ready to help in creating questionnaires, analyzing and discussing the findings.

Please note that provided prices are not inclusive of Value Added Tax. We calculate prices for customers from EU region based on their specific country of origin. Also note that thesis and dissertation orders are only available for College 3-4 (University) academic level or higher.
Our company is very flexible, and open to discussing every assignment with you. We fancy the honor of choosing us to help you with your academic writing needs. Consistent loyal customers receive discounts on their orders.

Qualification for a discount
We value our customers and love to serve them again and again. In this regard, we have in place a life-time discount system to give you a unique experience with our services.
As a returned customer, you will receive a lifetime discount code on the basis of your spending with our company. Your eligibility for a lifetime discount may therefore fall in any of the three discount groups:
• Five percent (5%) lifetime discount for orders worth $500 – $999
• Ten percent (10%) lifetime discount for orders worth $1000 – $1999
• Fifteen percent (15%) lifetime discount for orders worth $2000 and above.
The total cost of prior orders are limited to payments already completed and approved.
Please find more useful information about our special Discount Policy in the “Discounts” section on your personal order page.