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What is the study of kinetics?

1) What is the study of kinetics?

2) Broadcast journalism is typically written in past tense, because it reports facts about something that recently occurred. True or false

3) It’s ok to give a speech when the audience knows more than you. true or false

4) One of the stages of inspirational speech writing is to positively visualize new practices through imagery. True or false


Posture can indicate

A. A number of verbal messages.



D.Age or culture.

What is the study of proxemics?


A good rule of thumb when engaged in debate is to:

A.Avoid words like ‘always’ and ‘never’

B.Exaggerate to make your argument more convincing

C.Never concede

D.Point out when your competition makes a mistake


Space that is not allotted to any particular person is referred to as:





Inspirational speech writing is often considered a five-step scheme. true or false


“Don’t talk to me like that” is a warning about someone’s





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