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The software industry

ONLY if you are EXPERIENCED in this kind of project send me a handshake. It is due in 2 hours from when the test is started. I will send the questions when I start the test anytime today or tommorow and you must finish it in 2 hours. These are the topics that will be covered on this Exam. There will be 5 essays



To focus your studying for the Final Exam, the essay questions address the following topics:

1. The software industry

2. Meanings of IT acronyms

3. ERP systems

4. As-Is vs. To-Be systems

5. The role of testing in the SDLC, RAD, and eXtreme Programming methodologies


Be sure to cite and reference any source(s) that you use for answering essay questions.  Also, you will have 2 hours to complete the exam.


The final test has 5 essay questions.  Each question is worth 40 points for a total of 200 points.   Once started, this test must be completed in one sitting. Do not leave the test before clicking Save and Submit.

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