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Summarize how this information technology has impacted your practice of nursing

For this Application Assignment, you are to write a rsing  4-page paper on the concept of nurses as knowledge workers. Reflect on your own practices and review your reading from this week. Make sure to refer to your Application Assignments Rubric prior to submission. Then address the following:

  • Select one of the following nursing work environments: clinical, education, administration, or research, and describe how nurses manage knowledge in the context of that work environment.
  • Consider how you have managed change in your workflow as a result of using some form of computer-based information technology. (If you do not use computer-based information technology, select another kind of information technology.)
  • Then provide at least one example of an information technology you use today that at one point you previously did not utilize (perhaps last year or in a previous employment).
  • Summarize how this information technology has impacted your practice of nursing. (If you do not use any computer-based information technology in your practice, review the media presentation and readings for this week and select at least one type of computer-based information technology.) Discuss how you would use this technology and how this technology could influence your work.

Include an analysis of how this form of information technology impacts the profession of nursing.

Support your response with the information presented in readings from professional nursing literature and the Learning Resources. Refer to the Application Assignment Rubric prior to submission.

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