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Learning how to examine companies for your own investing and retiring!

For the research paper, I’d like you to do Apple Computer (AAPL is the ticker).

The paper is 6-10 pages, not including graphs.  I am looking for quality not quantity here.  You should be using the calculations you’ve learned in this class to analyze a company’s financial statements (balance sheet, income statement, cash flow satement) and certain ratios and trends you see in the company’s financial statements.  Is it profitable?  Is it growing?  What’s going on with their liabilities? Asset turnover?  Etc?  Not whether you like their Apple Watch and believe they make good products.  If you like their products, also tell me how their sales look.

The main purpose of the paper should state whether,  yes or no, you recommend investing in Apple.  I’d recommend an Executive Summary at the beginning, some background, your analysis, and your conclusion as a simple layout of the paper.  This is a great exercise for you in learning how to examine companies for your own investing and retiring!


Have learned:

liquidity and profitability ratios

Activity and leverage ratios

FV and PV of a single amount annually

Growth rates


mixed streams


Bond Current Yield

Value of Bond annually

zero coupon bond

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