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How do you see your chosen theory exhibited in the person you are writing about?

For this assignment, you need to choose a topic from our class that interests you, and that you’d like to explore more.  You will need to produce a paper that is about 5 – 6 pages, in total.  The breakdown of your paper includes:

—-1 page Title Page

—-1/2 page for your Thesis statement (written in Week 10)

—2 – 3 pages more pages, written in your own words, exploring your topic in detail, this is where you write about your topic.  Use the ideas below to guide you.

— ½ page conclusion at the end, summarize what you’ve learned

—1 page for your reference page


Total = 5 – 6 pages.  You will not receive full credit if you don’t write enough. 


How to proceed: Choose Adler


  • Choose ONE theory from our previous weeks, e.g., Week 4 (learning theories), Week 7 (theories of emotion), Week 8 (theories of development) or Week 9 (theories of Freud, Jung, Adler, or Horney).
  • Reflecton this theory and choose ONE person who you would like to write about, expounding upon this theory. This person may be self, friend, family member, or even a celebrity.
  • Thinkabout your chosen theory. Remember, you are applying what we have learned in our class when writing this paper, using self, friend, family member, or even a celebrity as your person of choice. Therefore, your paper should have scholarly sources, such as our text, to back up your statements.
  • Write!When writing at the college level there are guidelines we must follow in writing a college level academic paper.


Each paper must have:

  • Title Page – includes title of paper, name, date, and course. (Please remember the title page stands alone as its own page.)
  • Thesis Statement –Use Week 10 and instructor’s feedback to improve and revise. [To read more about thesis statements, please review the following: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/545/01/] (1/2 a page)
  • Body Paragraphs – This is the full discussion and analysis of your paper. [To read more about body paragraphs, please review the following: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/724/02/] (2-3 pages)  Remember, the body of your paper needs to be 2 – 3 pages.  So, with your thesis statement, and concluding paragraph, this paper must be 3 to 4 pages in length!  Plus the title page and the references.  So, total with title and references is 5 – 7.


As the full discussion and analysis of your paper, the body of your essay should answer the following comments and questions.

  • You have already written a paragraph in previous weeks about this theory. You may use your previous research done in these assignments to continue writing this essay project.

◦                      Who are you writing about?

◦                      Why have you chosen this person above others?

◦                      How do you see your chosen theory exhibited in the person you are writing about?

◦                      When did you notice your chosen theory in this person? Was it at work, home, school, or perhaps even over a period of time and places, television, and/or celebrity interviews?

◦                      What do you feel is the one most important fact of information you would like to share with your readers in writing about this theory as it relates to your person of choice?

  • Conclusion Paragraph– The conclusion reiterates the highlights of your paper. [To read more about conclusion paragraphs, please review the following: https://owl.english.purdue.edu/engagement/2/2/60/]
  • Reference page– This page stands alone and fully references our text.

This paper must follow APA formatting. See your syllabus for additional information on APA formatting as well as, the OWL website at https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/section/2/10/ to format your paper.

This is my Thesis Statement to begin the essay with:


I am writing about the Theory of the Individual by Alfred Adler. My opinion is more relevant to the life of a person, compared to most theories in psychology, because every individual is unique and reveal different behaviors. Although, Adler’s term “individual psychology” is not meant to focus on the individual, he said, “one must take into account the patient’s whole environment, meaning the patient is an indivisible whole.” Many issues within the environment have different impacts on an individual. I have learned that my surrounding location has had a great impact on the activities that I engage in, and the behavior that I reflect, because I consider the theory of the individual to be a reality in my life (Nevid, 2013). A possible title for my essay is “Adler’s Theory of the Individual.” The Theory of the Individual reflects on the individual being undivided, unique, and respectful towards themselves, as well as others.



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