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How to tell a good joke

Process Speech Instructions
In this speech you will present a “how to” process for
your audience. Process speeches
(sometimes called demonstration speeches) break down a pro
cess into a series of easy to follow
steps. Review the process speech section in the Informat
ive Speaking chapter of your textbook
for more details.
Here are some examples of acceptable process speech topic
How to tell a good joke
How to change your car’s oil and filter
How to make a piñata
How to bake chocolate chip cookies
How to hand sew
How to properly care for your teeth
You must have a strong thesis statement
You must cite 2 quotes or other sources in your outline and i
n your speech
You must bring a prop to complement the speech
You must have an accompanying typed outline with the rubric st
apled to the front
During Speech Days
In order to receive a grade I must have your typed outline
with grading rubric #1
stapled to the back of the outline
If you come in late, do not interrupt other student speeches
by walking straight in.
Look through the window first. If there is a speech, wai
t until the end of applause to
walk into class.
Be respectful and utilize active listening, I will notice
any cell phone use and ask you
to leave if necessary
Be prepared to give positive feedback to other spe

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