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Foster children and special education

I am writing a term paper on foster children and special education. The goal is to learn about the unique problems of foster care children who have special education needs, such as, do they tend to receive less services overall, what percentage of special education litigation involves foster children (like slim to none), etc. I have noticed that because foster children are generally assigned special education surrogate parents who are either unpaid or the number of hours for which they are paid is capped quite low, there is nobody available to appeal special education decisions or litigate special education decisions for foster children, thereby placing foster children at a significant disadvantage (i.e., schools know that nobody will appeal or litigate a decision for a foster child, so they are less likely to approve of and provide expensive services). I am particularly interested in the state of Massachusetts, but if there is a lack of information on this state in particular, it can be more generalized to the entire U.S. The citation style should be APA unless the article refers to a specific legal case, in which case it would be blue book.

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