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Analyze the content and give me an evaluation of its importance

Please follow this rubric before and after reviewing and use it to discuss the various feedback aspects for this. Main Function Logistic Response Rate it: On a scale from 1-10, 10 being the best, please rate the following attributes toward this article or video.
1. entertainment value _______
2. content _______
3. supportive of course outcome _______
4. surprise factor _______ Introduction: Summarize what the issue is about. Content: Analyze the content and give me an evaluation of its importance. What did you find new? Tell me five new facts that you learned from reading /watching this article/video. Critique: Tell me what in this article that you didn’t agree with and why. Summarize your Points: Please bullet point summarizes your main points for this.

Please watch the following TEDTalk and tell me what you think of this woman’s point of view about social media, AND ALSO YOU NEED TO FALLOW THE INSTRUCTION UP


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