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Craft a strategy for your GLO-BUS company.

Read attached file and use the information below as a guide to craft a strategy.


Please find below some bullet points in regarding finance, cash flows, and corporate citizenship. This should help us in these areas when writing the first business brief… Thanks,


Craft a strategy for your GLO-BUS company. Write a 1½- to 2-page business brief that include the following. Your business brief should be directed to your director or the executive staff of your company.

  1. Conduct an assessment of the current situation.
  2. Develop a set of business goals and objectives.
  3. Establish a basic strategic and competitive approach.

Company Name – Everclear Cameras

Product line – Everclear manufactures professional High Feature camera for professional use


Business Objectives

-Market Share is a significant contributor to Everclear’s overall business strategy of increasing profits and shareholder equity.

-Everclear wants to increase market share in our North American and European markets.

-Increase profits 2-3% per year (this can be accomplished through market share increases, competitive pricing, quality, and significant manufacturing cost improvements)


Competitive Strategy

-Success is measured through increased profits, image, corporate responsibility, and stockholder equity (share price and annual dividend increases)

-Continue strategic incentives to attract customers through products that exceed their expectations

-Everclears competitive advantage is shown through its financials. Elements of the company that achieve these goals include, managing the business, marketing,  finance, sales, production, and R & D.

-Opportunities to expand in the four markets.


Corporate Citizenship

-Continue positive, corporate initiatives for employees

-To ensure to maintain a safe, productive work environment for employees


-Support positive supplier relations

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