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In what sense is the Newtonian universe simpler than Ptolemy’s?

The Bouncing Ball

Chapter 1 and 2 of the text gives you an introduction to the order of science and some history within the field of physical science. For this assignment: Address each question below. In your document include the question number and the question statement immediately before your response. Each question response should be a paragraph (50 word minimum/response) to fully address the topics. Be sure to use in-text citations and a reference list on assignments.

Which, if any, of the following objects does not exert a gravitational force on you?
this book
the Sun
the nearest star
a distant galaxy
the Atlantic ocean
In what sense is the Newtonian universe simpler than Ptolemy’s? Suppose observations had shown that the two did equally well at explaining the data. Construct an argument to say that Newton’s universe should still be preferred.
How does gravity affect the flow of blood in your body? The flow of sap in trees? How have organisms evolved to counteract the force of gravity?
How does a sundial work? How would you build a sundial differently in Canada from one in Mexico?

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