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Illustrate the importance of a medical office policy manual.

Unit 6 Assignment: Responsibilities of the Office Manager  Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment: • Differentiate among the types of management styles as listed in the textbook. • Discuss the goals and management principles of an office manager. • Illustrate the importance of a medical office policy manual. • Develop the basic groundwork of an office policy manual. Course outcome(s) addressed in this Assignment: MO270-3: Describe methods of personnel management in the medical office. Instructions:  The Final Project for this course is for you to design and develop an effective Policy and Procedure Manual based on the information you have learned throughout this course. You will begin working on this manual now, with the completed manual due at the end of Unit 9. For your Unit 6 Assignment, you will need to turn in an outline of the first four sections of your Policy and Procedure Manual.  The first four sections need to include the following 1. A mission statement (at least three sentences) 2. About the practice: Name of office and doctor(s), any specialty they practice, location, office hours, list of holidays office is closed 3. Employee benefits (add descriptions for each one): Vacation, sick leave, medical, dental, retirement, bereavement, FMLA 4. Employee conduct and discipline (add descriptions for each one)

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