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Diversity and Ethics in Film

It is not always easy to tease out the complex issues based in or related to diversity and ethics. This discussion is constructed to

give you a chance to identify when, why, and how ethics and diversity interrelate.
Your instructions for constructing your post are as follows:
1. Pick out a popular film to watch.
a. You can use your local library
b. is located on the purple sidebar.)
c. You can rent through Netflix or Amazon
d. Examples of films are: Crash, Gran Torino, Letters from Iwo Jima, Brokeback Mountain, and there are many more. Click here to search

for film titles.

2. Watch the film, noting any aspects that are relevant to the topics of diversity and ethics
a. How is diversity represented?
b. What is an ethical issue directly related to or stemming from the diversity you noted in “a”?
c. Write your post
i. 300-500 words
ii. Start with a two sentence synopsis of the film
iii. Define one aspect that you can relate to the topic of diversity
iv. Define one ethical issue
v. Explain the two sides of the issue
d. Additional instructions

The Interplay of Diversity and Ethics
Image of film strip with photographs of film props in each slide. Courtsey of Photos.com
Last week we identified the necessary interplay of diversity and ethics. This week we explore further the ethical dimension of

diversity, and the way that it is being addressed in the workplace, as well as in our communities.
In a 2014 interview, Johan Karlstrom, CEO of Skansa, a global project and construction development company based in Sweden, championed

the benefits of a diverse world and acknowledged diversity as central to a successful and more interesting organization:
Our company should mirror the society it’s operating in. If everybody should look like me; white, male, engineer, Johan Karlstrom’s

everywhere, what a boring company! It’s much more interesting to include a lot of different backgrounds, personalities, and types of

education and life experiences. It makes a better company and it’s much more fun! (in Brzezinski, 2014).
Karlstrom understands the way that living and working in a diverse world expands possibilities while enriching the experience. But as

Karlstrom further pointed out, acknowledging there are benefits to be had is not enough to make inclusion a reality. It requires

recognition of one’s personal ethical responsibility and involves taking actions to foster understanding and diversity. This is

something Skansa strives to do on a corporate level:
When we promote people we make sure we evaluate them not only in the old-fashioned way but also on the basis of diversity. Once we

attract a great candidate we work very hard to support them in every way so that person will definitely succeed in that role. Realizing

diversity in the company will take time but it’s definitely something very high up on our priorities’ list and I try to walk the talk

and set the tone from the top on this issue. It’s important to change our thinking, reevaluate and learn how to treat people in a

multicultural world, be inclusive and see talent differently. (in Brzezinski, 2014).
What Karlstrom suggests is that the interplay of diversity and ethics begins on a personal level, whether it is in a corporation, or a

As part of the learning activities for this week, we will be viewing four films, which further exemplify this idea. The first of

which, Confronting discrimination and prejudice, highlights the ethical decisions we each are called to make and act upon in our

multicultural world. Through scenarios involving actors and unwitting bystanders, we can see how personal ethics can be challenged in

the face of acts of overt prejudice and discrimination. While the situations enacted have been designed by producers, they are informed

by actual instances of hostility faced by citizens in the U.S. whose cultural backgrounds or religious preferences differ from others.

While viewing this film, consider if you were confronted with a similar situation, what would you do?
In preparation for the discussions, please view all two films transcripts. This will take approximately one hours to complete.

Exploring Intersections and construct your post. Please note that you can also rent or borrow a film to watch: Diversity and Ethics in

Film. Please remember to participate in the discussions early and often. Conversation is the best method for studying and learning

about ethics and diversity.
Brzezinski, N. (2014). Diversity and Ethics, Keys to Corporate Success: Interview with Global CEO Skansa. Huffington Post Business.

March 5, 2014. Retrieved from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/natalia-lopatniuk-brzezinski/diversity-ethics-keys-to-_b_4901755.html

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