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Operations Project Management Report

German carmaker Volkswagen was one of the “most disliked” companies for pressure groups last year following its emissions scandal and is now trying to change their current approach to operations management after a great damage to their reputation caused by a string of damaging recalls. You are a new operations manager at Volkswagen and you […]


Assignment: Submit your completed poster on your PICOT question. Does implementation of a nursing education program on development of end-of-life care plan (intervention) among the (P) nursing assistants in a selected health care facility increase the number of patients with end-of-life care plans and their health outcomes (O) compared to a health facility where the […]


Journal Topic: What place does social protest hold in Hansberry’s play? Does the emotional charge of protest literature outweigh the universality of integrationist poetics? Assigned Reading: Call & Response 1213-1217, 1238-1245, 1259-1267 Lorraine Hansberry’s Act II, Sc. 1 and Act III of A Raisin in the Sun Assigned Viewing: A Raisin in the Sun TAKE […]

Introduction to Psychology

Required Text: Feist, G. J. & Rosenberg, E. L. (2012). Psychology: Perspectives & connections (2nd eds). New York, NY; McGraw-Hill. ISBN-10: 0-07-803520-1 Additional Resources: Additional readings to be assigned by the instructor. Course Description: This course is a comprehensive survey of the major academic subdivisions within the field of psychology. Special emphasis is placed on […]

social justice, welfare and wellbeing

essay question: 1.The pursuit of equality justifies the role of the state as a provider of welfare and promoter of wellbeing. Discuss. Assessment Criteria: 1. Describe key theories and principles of social justice in relation to welfare and wellbeing 2. Critically evaluate key theories and principles of social justice for the formulation of social policies […]

Formal Analysis of a Work of Art

Guidelines for the Formal Analysis of a Work of Art Consider the following when analyzing a work of art. Not everything applies to every work of art, nor is it always useful to consider things in the order given. Part I – General Information In many cases, this information can be found on a label […]


“Legal positivism is a pointless doctrine. We don’t need it to tell us what law is and it tells us nothing about what law ought to be”. Discuss.TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR PROMOTIONAL DISCOUNT DISPLAYED ON THE WEBSITE AND GET A DISCOUNT FOR YOUR PAPER NOW!

Creative Writing Essay

The Revolutionary War is over, and the Americans have successfully united to overthrow British rule to establish a new country. Yet divisions have started to emerge between the Federalists and Antifederalists. Write a political broadside (like a letter that you would post in a public place) urging your neighbors to join either the Federalist or […]

Organizational Stressors: An Annotated Bibliography

Select three peer-reviewed scholarly articles, with each article addressing a different source of organizational stress. In your evaluation of each article, consider the following: Reliability (evaluation of research methods used, theories used, and data on which it is based) Appropriateness for the intended audience Background and authority of the author Limitations of the research (which […]