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Business Ethics &Sustainability: An investigative essay

Assignment Task
The assignment task involves the following:

(1) Identify a business ethics or a sustainability issue for the purpose of analysis (the issue must be sufficiently complex to

generate enough material to satisfy the specification described below).
(2) Consider how the ethical & sustainability concepts & general ideas discussed in the unit can be used to explore & understand the

issues involved.
(3) In essay format, provide an analysis & explanation of the components of the situation described, in a way that relates evidence to


Please let your tutor know in the seminar the business issue you intend to investigate
before you begin working on it for submission.

(Note that the resit will be a rework of the current assessment.)

Unit Learning Outcomes Assessed.

State what Unit learning outcomes are being covered by the assessment

LO2 Compare different ethical theories & models of sustainable business
LO3 Assess information relevant to ethical & sustainability issues from a wide range of sources
Early Career/ World Class Professional Skills (PLOs being assessed or developed)/Assessed.

Programme learning outcomes are referred to as professional skills for clarity for students, they will build portfolio of skills from

level 4 through to L6 as will L7 & L8 students from the start of their programmes. For all levels refer to the Professional skills

being develop or assessed in the assignment brief. These should also feature in the assignment feedback to the student

PL03 Ethical & sustainable Awareness

3.1 Identify ethical & sustainable issues
Relate ethical & sustainability issues to stakeholders

3.2 Analyse ethical & sustainability options
Propose & justify ethical & sustainability options
Assignment Details & Instructions.

The purpose of this assignment is to create an opportunity for you to use the ideas & concepts discussed in the unit & in the readings

in the analysis of a real issue in business. The issue you decide to analyse can be drawn from your own industrial experience, or

organisation; or be focused upon an ethical or sustainability issue in business that you want to explore in more detail. Your choice of

issue is an important one, & will call for considerable judgement & discretion on your part in deciding whether it is feasible to use

it for the purposes of this essay. As above, you must discuss your choice of topic with your tutor prior to starting work on your

essay, to ensure that it will enable you to meet the assessment criteria.

You can select either a business ethics issue OR a sustainability issue. If you choose a business ethics issue for this assignment,

your second assignment must focus on a sustainability issue. Likewise, if you select a sustainability issue for this assignment, your

second assignment must focus on a business ethics issue.

Analysis & reasoning is the ability to examine an issue so that its fundamental components & logic are made clear. Analysis involves a

process of thinking about an issue, constructing & reconstructing arguments about its status, so that one can say something that may

provide a basis for intelligent action. It is not simply a question of spotting problems & applying the appropriate solutions. Rather

it is asking questions such as:
– What is the issue in this situation that I am analysing?
– How can I explore its characteristics & the way it’s related to the perspectives of the people involved?
– In effect, how can I apply ethical & or sustainability concepts & arguments to make sense of the issues & arrive at a reasoned

interpretation, which allows me to say something insightful about it?

The word limit for the essay is 3,000 words not including appendices. All students must include a one-page appendix at the end of the

report, which sets out how their participation at 3 seminars during the unit has impacted on their thinking about the

organisation/topics covered (further guidance will be provided in seminars). Where possible, all other appendices should be included as

tables or text boxes within the main body of the report, rather than as a separate section at the end.

Useful resources are listed on Moodle.

Group Work Guidelines (If applicable)
Unit Specification


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