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E-R modeling

Description Answer the two problems below by rendering complete Entity-Relationship (E-R) diagrams. You should create your E-R diagrams

in Visio or PowerPoint. Please use the line/fork notation to represent your cardinalities. Be sure to specify identifying attribute(s)

for each entity and include the minimum and maximum cardinalities for all relationships. You should not include composite or derived

attributes in your diagrams. Each student should prepare this assignment individually, but may consult with their group members. 1.

Prepare an E-R diagram for Palouse Hardware, Inc. based upon the description provided below: The store needs to keep track of EMPLOYEE

information. Important EMPLOYEE information includes name, address, and employee_ID. Each EMPLOYEE can record many SALES TRANSACTIONS,

but some EMPLOYEES have never recorded a SALES TRANSACTION. A SALES TRANSACTION is recorded by exactly one EMPLOYEE. Important

information regarding SALES TRANSACTIONS includes transaction_no, sale date, and register number. SALES TRANSACTIONS may include many

hardware PRODUCTS but at least include one PRODUCT. A PRODUCT may be included on many different SALES TRANSACTIONS. PRODUCT attributes

include product number, product description, product price, and units available. The many-to-many relationship between SALES

TRANSACTION and PRODUCT is best represented by the entity TRANSACTION DETAIL. The identifying attributes of a TRANSACTION DETAIL are

product number and transaction_no. Other attributes include sale_price and quantity. Each TRANSACTION DETAIL is related to exactly one

SALES TRANSACTION and to exactly one PRODUCT. A PRODUCT may be included on many TRANSACTION DETAILS, but is at least included on one. A

SALES TRANSACTION includes at least one TRANSACTION DETAIL and may include many. The hardware store has many PRODUCT LINES. Each

PRODUCT LINE contains at least one and often many different PRODUCTS. Each PRODUCT must belong to one, and only one, PRODUCT LINE.

Important PRODUCT LINE information includes product line name (identifying attribute) and aisle number. 2. Prepare an E-R diagram for

WestCoast Billiards based upon the description provided below. Note this problem contains multiple relationships between two entities.

WestCoast Billiards has over 20 different retail STORES on the west coast. Each STORE has a unique store number, an address, and a

phone number. Each STORE has at least one and typically many EMPLOYEES. Attributes of EMPLOYEE include employee number, address, and

phone number. An EMPLOYEE must be assigned to only one STORE. Each STORE is managed by exactly one EMPLOYEE. An EMPLOYEE may manage at

most one STORE and may not manage any STORE. CUSTOMERS are associated with a specific STORE based upon their geographic location. A

CUSTOMER must be associated with only one STORE, but each STORE has at least one and typically many CUSTOMERS. Important customer

information includes customer name, address, and email address. Deliverables Your submission should include one Word document that

includes each diagram on a separate page. You will need to copy and paste your diagrams from PowerPoint or Visio into your Word

document. Please be sure to include your name and WSU ID number at the top of this document. Please submit your document via the

assignment drop box (select the Assignments link on the left of the screen).


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