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Environmental studies and Forestry

Please read the problem very carefully and follow all of the instructions. You may use any resource whatsoever in addressing these questions, but you may not discuss these questions with any living person except for me. The quiz is due on Tuesday, February 2.Problem: Moisture-Characteristic and Moisture-Conductivity Curves!• Locate a soil series, its soil texture, and its typical clay content in any print or online publication.• State the above information and its source.• Based upon the soil texture, create a graph of the moisture-characteristic curve and a graph of the moisture-conductivity curve, assuming the Brooks-Corey Model (Table 7.2), an empirical relation between residual water content and clay content (Table 7.3), and the Brooks-Corey parameters as estimated from soil texture (Table 7.4). Use the carbon content to estimate residual water content if you can find it. Otherwise, assume zero carbon content. State any additional assumptions that were necessary to create the graphs.• Paste the graphs into an MS Word document.

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