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Literature Review

For this assignment you need to do a Literature Review based on your topic and also choose a Design of experiment. In fact for this assignment you should cover the following steps:1. Recognition of and statement of the problem.2. Selection of the response variable.3. Choice of factor, levels, and ranges.4. Choice of experimental design.5. Point out overall trends in what has been published about the topicFor choosing the design of experiment, I really recommend reading a couple of pages that are uploaded in the order. These pages will help get a clear topic and determine the response variable, factors and levels.The literature review needs to include at least 10 journal papers. Please recommend a topic that you think you will be able to work on. This project has a another part as well where you have to actually do the experiment and statistically validate the data using Minitab. So i’ll probably order the second assignment as well later with all its instructions and I prefer the same writer to do both assignments.

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