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Marketing Management

The Assignment
A start-up company has decided to launch a new fashion product and have asked you to advice on this proposed launch by developing a

one-year marketing plan which should include a detailed launch marketing communications plan.
In particular you should consider:
– The marketing environment
– The objectives
– The STP strategy
– The promotional launch

You should therefore prepare the marketing plan which covers the following topics:
Section 1: The marketing environment audit
You should:
– Explain the role of the marketing environment audit
– Advise on undertaking the full audit for the macro (external) environment by explaining the topics that should be researched by

the company and why these subjects are important
– Identify 3 (three) key contemporary trends or changes in the external environment and show how they will impact the company
– Undertake an audit of the competition (using Porter’s Five Forces analysis)
– Highlight the major opportunities and weaknesses facing the company
Section 2: The marketing plan
As a minimum, you should include:
– 3-4 clear, SMART objectives for duration of the marketing plan
– Make justified recommendations for the segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) strategy, including a positioning map
– Plan a particularly detailed and justified marketing promotional strategy for the launch should be provided, including key

messages and creative concepts aligned to the target market(s) as well a a range of digital marketing communications activities.
In the report it is important that, throughout the report, you include:
• An explanation of and use of marketing theory including processes, marketing models and techniques (and their limitations)
• An application of marketing principles to the chosen company
• Reference to reading
• Report style of presentation
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