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Policy Analysis

Analyze policy that guides community services for older adultsAs the American population ages, policy issues related to older adults and services for seniors are hot political topics. Identify an area of policy related to community services for older adults and their families. Therefore state the facts with regards to this policy. Research this area describing significance and issues, recent and pending actions, and adequacy of the policies in meeting constituents’ needs. Compare and contrast proposed amendments/alternatives to existing policy and describe policy change that may better meet the needs of older Americans and their families. This paper should include the following sections:Facts: policies, demographics, affected populationsIssues: detailed discussion of all relevant issues of the chosen policy or serviceAlternatives: detailed discussion of possible alternative/solutions.Recommendation(s): detailed discussion of the 1-2 possible alternative/solutions you recommend and why. Your recommendation(s) must be 1-2 of those discussed in Alternatives above.Possible Outcomes of Recommendation(s): detailed discussion of possible outcomes/consequences/results of the 1-2 possible alternative/solutions you recommended in section above, and why.Future Implications/Long-Term Outlook: detailed discussion of the implications of the case, its Issues, your Recommendations and possible Outcomes and why.Summary Conclusion: Summarize analysis and indicate any personal conclusions.Bibliography: Use APA format for all references and in-text citations. A reference list should be included at the end of the document.Length: Project 1 should be 8-10 pages in length, double-spaced, not including title and reference pages. Use 1” margins on all sides.These websites might help to narrow down the topic ideas for the policy paper http://governmentexecutive.com/The Government Executivehttp://www.whitehouse.gov/The White House Home Pagehttp://www.stateline.org/live/ViewPage.actionPolitics and Policy News, State by Statehttp://www.publicagenda.org/The Public Agendahttp://thehill.com/

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