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What was the Covenant Chain?

This quiz, the first of two, is worth 10% of your grade points for the course. It consists of questions based mainly on the assigned readings up to January 29th on the Course Reading and Assignments Schedule).

Please note the following requirements. You will be evaluated on the basis of how well you answered the questions asked.Please cite page numbers in your responses.Your response should generally meet the following criteria:

o Questions worth 1% – 5-7 sentences

o Questions worth 2% – 9-12 sentences

o Questions worth more than 2% – completeness and accuracy of response.

1. What formal protocols characterized Aboriginal ceremonial practice for establishing kinship relations with their trading partners? (1 points)

2. Prior to and in the early years of encounter with Europeans, what meaning did Aboriginal people place on gift giving, gift exchange? Explain (1 points)

3. What was the Covenant Chain? (1 points)

4. Name and describe (year, parties, territory covered, purpose) six alliances or peace treaties between Aboriginal Peoples and Europeans in what is now Canada prior to 1900. (2 points)

5. The Robinson Huron Treaty signed on September 9, 1850 covers about 21 First Nation communities. Using the internet, the library, Miller’s “Compact, Contract, Covenant” or any other resources, create a map of the territory covered by the Robinson Huron Treaty and identify the name, tribe, location and current population of each of the First Nations that are signatories to the Robinson Huron Treaty of 1850. (3 points)

6. What was the intent the Royal Proclamation of 1763 when it was formed and what is its significance to Aboriginal Peoples today? Please explain. (1 points)

7. In your opinion, what events in the history as described by Miller tipped the balance of power from the Aboriginal Peoples to the Europeans? Explain. (1 points).


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