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Construction management

Coursework 2
Caledonian LLC is a medium sized construction organisation. In recent projects, they have been adversely affected by changes made by the client/main contractor and have struggled with the management of these changes which, in certain situations, have led to disputes and resulted in significant financial losses.

Based on the above information, critically review the literature on change management and in particular the impact of conflicting views relating to leadership, power and culture affecting people when working in project environments. You should examine the typical causes of change in project environments and their impact on the various organisations involved in projects. You should provide recommendations to Caledonian LLC to improve their performance on managing change in projects.
The report should be a maximum of 2,500 words (10% either way is allowable) and significant emphasis is placed on your ability to source and evaluate a wide range of sources covering the topic and in your ability to synthesise and draw your own conclusions.

Support guidance to complete the CW
Very important is that it should be an original piece of work!
1. There is no need to assume any other company, all of you will just mention the same “Caledonian LLC”
2. In the Introduction mention about the organisational setup, leadership, culture, working environment and how does the employees reaction to it
3. The Literature review will have the change management theories, success found in companies who adopted this change management and also the failure observed. The literature review shall contain publications of both.
4. The discussion shall contain the failure and success from the literature and discuss what will happen if that is adopted in Caledonian LLC.
5. The Recommendation shall be what do you suggest to the company with its present kind of operations in terms of change management
6. The conclusion shall have your personal opinion, whether to go for change management or not an its implications
7. References should not less than 10 articles arranged in the section using Harvard style of referencing

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