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History and Political Science

planters of 1760 and how george washingtons administration affected them

Project description

Assignment Prompt .

You are continuing in the persona first assigned in the Info Prep Task.

Prompt: It is now a quarter-century down the road from your youth, you are now well into your middle-aged years, with idealistic children, and a grandchild or two, of your own. You and your generation have sacrificed much to bring about the United States and its new government under the Constitution. President George Washington’s Administration is in place, Congress has been elected, and the form of the new government is taking shape. Are you satisfied with the new government under the recently ratified Constitution? Do you think your 20-something year old self (the protester from the 1760s) would be happy with the way things turned out? You have decided to write a treatise (a fancy word for an essay) upon this subject. In it you will be considering your early political, economic, and social positions in relation to your current beliefs. Have things turned out well for you and your group? Have your grievances from the 1760s been redressed (or are no longer relevant)? Would your 1760s self believe that you held onto your ethics even as war raged around you? Has your group met their social responsibilities to the new nation, have they compromised where needed for the greater good or selfishly looked after their own interests? What, if anything, is left to be done for your group?

This essay should be a minimum of 5 paragraphs long. The first paragraph is your introduction with thesis statement. The second through fourth paragraphs (the body) will discuss social, economic, and political reforms (you should organize in this way, minimum of one paragraph on economic, one paragraph on social, and one on political). Each paragraph of the body must have its own thesis statement and there should be at least three pieces of evidence (properly cited in Turabian) in support (the “rule of three” for analytical writing). The last paragraph is the conclusion.



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