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Tax Research Memo #1

 Prepare tax research memorandum for the case below. You should conduct some preliminary tax research (suggest you use topical indices such as the Master Tax Guide and/or the Research Consultant) to identify the “tax issues” you believe relevant to your case. 

“http://intelliconnect.cch.com.ezproxy1.lib.asu.edu/scion/secure/ctx_4239656/index.jsp?wksso=false&cpid=WKUS-Legal-IC#page[1]” Should take you straight to the ACC 430 Library Course Page with a CCH Tax Research IntelleConnect quick link.  You can then login without the need to go hunting through the library pages.  Courtesy your Business Librarians.

CASE: “Harold and Maude are residents of Moline, Illinois. They were married in 2010 and filed joint tax returns each and every year since their marriage including their 2014 tax return. Harold is a supervisor at a local auto supply store and is paid about $30,000 per year. Maude works as a receptionist/office manager at a local dental office. She earns a little over $22,000 per year. Unbeknownst to Maude, for the past three years, Harold has been stealing auto parts from his employer and selling them at swap meets or over the Internet. For the three years in question, Harold made $150,000 from his illegal activities. Harold opened a separate bank account to hold the proceeds from his parts sales and kept the account a secret from Maude. However, each month, Harold would transfer $500 from the separate account to the family joint checking account he maintained with Maude. Maude used the joint account to pay the household expenses, such as rent, utilities and groceries. She would review the monthly bank statement and would balance the joint checkbook. Harold used the majority of the funds kept in the separate account to support a drug habit that he successfully hid from Maude and his coworkers. In early 2014, Haroldís employer discovered his thefts and Harold was arrested. On advice of his lawyer, Harold pled guilty and is now serving a three to five year sentence in the state prison. Maude just learned the IRS has issued a joint notice of deficiency against the couple for the $150,000 of illegal income that was not reported on the last three joint income tax returns (2012-2014). Maude is in a state of panic – her convict husband is doing time and has left her to face the wrath of the IRS alone. She turns to you for help”



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