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Accounting Information Systems.

Accounting Information Systems.
You will produce a research paper between 8–10 pages on a topic pertaining to Accounting Information Systems. The paper should be outlined like this: See below

Individual Research Paper Suggested Headings/Organization. This is NOT a mandated organization. This is simply a suggested organization method. Learners are free to incorporate all, part, or none of the suggested organization. However, the formatting must be in accordance with current APA style guidelines.

I. Title Page

a. Complete Running head (See your current APA manual for an example. Review your current APA manual for additional Title Page format guidance.

b. Proper Title Page information

II. Headings (See your current APA manual for guidance).

III. Abstract (See your current APA manual for guidance).

IV. Introduction (Include an introductory section – See your current APA manual for guidance)

(NOTE: A proper APA “Introduction” does NOT have a heading called “Introduction”. The introductory paragraphs are ASSUMED to be the introduction; therefore, a heading titled “Introduction” is redundant.)

V. Suggested Headings for the Body of the Paper

a. The Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002

i. Summary

ii. Internal Controls

iii. Section 404

1. The impact on small businesses

2. How a Section 404 integrates with the audit function

b. The PCAOB

i. Origin

ii. Purpose

iii. Specific Pronouncements

1. Related to AIS

2. Related to Internal Controls

3. Brief Summary of pronouncements in the following sections

(NOTE: Access www.pcaobus.org):

a. Auditing

b. Ethics and Independence

c. Quality Control

d. Attestation

iv. Future Pronouncements

1. Discussion of possible enhanced restrictions

2. Discussion of possible diminished regulation

c. Accounting Information Systems

i. Before Sarbanes Oxley and the PCAOB

ii. Current AIS, in the post-PCAOB environment

d. Conclusion

e. References

NOTE: A biblical perspective must be interwoven as appropriate into the analysis.


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