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Confronting Discrimination and Prejudice

 Write a short self-reflection response paper that incorporates these four
increasingly complex questions.
 A minimum of two pages typed double space should suffice.
 In order to respond to the third and fourth questions, you will need to view
only the first 9-10 minutes of an episode of the ABC-TV series, “What
would you do?” The segment centers around a “staged” scenario
involving a bakery clerk’s treatment of and refusal to serve a young
Muslim woman wearing hijab.
Question #1:
Which famous religious teacher/leader from India is most associated with
the teaching of ahimsa—“do no harm to any living being”?
Question #2:
Name 2 or 3 prominent religious figures or teachers and their teachings on the treatment of
others. For example, indicate briefly what the Buddha, Christ, Judaism’s Rabbi Hillel,
Confucius, or Muhammad might have instructed or commanded regarding attitudes, deeds,
words, behavior, and conduct.
Question #3:
Next, watch the 10-minute clip in You Tube as the segment is no longer available in the Harper
Library streaming video collection. https://youtu.be/4rIrTMzhE4o
How would you respond and why? (Also consider the provided materials on stereotypes,
and interact with the meaning and significance of stereotyping and profiling.)
Question #4:
In your personal and professional life, how might you actively apply religious and ethical
teachings from religious and nonreligious traditions on the treatment of others?
If you choose to disclose, describe and briefly analyze an incident in which you faced the
dilemma of whether or not to confront someone for their mistreatment of another. Consider what
did you do and why. If you deem this relevant, or think a connection might be established, how
might taking courses like Religions of the World or Religion in America better equip or prepare
you to confront discrimination?


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