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Data Analysis and Design

Data Analysis and Design

Task L 1. Understand data models and database technologies

P1.1- Compare different data models such as network, hierarchy, relational database model etc and schemas such as external, conceptual etc.

P1.2- Discuss the benefits and limitations of different database technologies such ms access, sql server, oracle etc.

P1.3- Analyse different approaches such as DFD, Use case, ELH, ER etc to database design
Task 2. Be able to design and implement relational database systems

P2.1- Using DFD, ELH, ER etc to design a relational database system to meet a given requirement of DATALYTICS database solution.

P2.2- Build a relational database system i.e. database tables and table relationships based on a prepared design for DATALYTICS database solution.

P2.3- Apply a range of database tools and techniques i.e. text box, combo box, list box, buttons, sub forms etc to enhance the user interface.

Task 3. Be able to use manipulation and querying tools

P 3.1 Explain the benefits of using manipulation and query tools in a relational database system

P3.2 Implement a query language using SQL into the DATALYTICS relational database system. class demonstration and observation.

P3.3- Evaluate how meaningful data has been extracted i.e. present the query data through report through the use of query tools for DATALYTICS relational database system. class demonstration and observation.

Task 4. Be able to test and document relational database systems

P4.1- Review and test the DATALYTICS relational database system

P4.2- Create documentation to support the implementation and testing of the DATALYTICS relational database system

P4.3- Create user documentation for a developed DATALYTICS relational
database system

P4.4- Explain how verification and validation can been Addressed in DATALYTICS relational database system

P4.5- Explain how control mechanisms can be used to develop DATALYTICS. relational database system

You are required to carry out a research by using supportive materials like books, websites, etc., and give a feedback of the findings need to be reflected to the DATALYTICS on the case study. Answers without application to an organization or without examples will be marked as Resubmission.
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Case Study:

DATALYTICS is a leading data analytic and consulting firm. The company supports their clients across the globe to
design and analyse big data to guide strategic decision markers. Due to the rapid expansion of their businesses, the company will be dealing with massive and disjointed data to enable them survive in the global market. Since information is keen to business growth and continuity, the company foresees that they are likely to be unable to systematically apply relevant statistical and logical procedures to describe, illustrate, correlate, evaluate and discover useful information from their massive data. As a result, the company has hired you as their main data analyst and unfortunately, your main responsibilities were not properly clarified. Nevertheless, you were fortunate to meet with the Director of Human Resources (DHR) of the company during your induction training. Accordingly, the DHR gave an overview of your duties to subsume the design, documentation, querying and implementation of a relational database system for the company within the available resources. You will also work with GIS Specialists and Software Engineers to provide support to the healthcare service providers and some other notable clients across Asia, Africa, USA, Australia and UK.
The database should contain at least ten related tables. In addition, when you create the database, you should be able to store different categories of data type such as varchar, float, text, integer and transactions date in its tables. For instance, you can create an Address table, Products table, county codes table, Post codes table, list of organizations, hospitals and list of therapies. The Address table for instance should be able to store several names, house numbers, street names, post codes, emails, and telephone numbers while the Products table should be able to store information such as different categories of products, unit price and location of each product.
An information pack given to you shows that for your appointment to be confirmed by the company, you should be able to complete the following business functions within the agreed time:
a)Design and develop information for strategic planning, operational and analytical purposes.
b)You will be required to examine, clean, transform and model data that facilitate the discovery of useful information and suggestions that will meet the requirements of strategic decision makers and regulatory bodies.
c)Use suitable platform to manipulate data, querying scripting and reporting standard to complement decision making process at the strategic level of the company.
The document further states that you will need to constantly report to the management about the whole processes for you to secure the approval of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company.

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