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In your essay you must:

• refer extensively to some of the ideas of either Freud, Lacan, or Jung or a combination of them. Alternatively, you may refer to a psychoanalytic thinker of your choosing (please discuss with tutor).

• directly quote from these thinkers (that is, you must quote directly from some of their writings in elaborating your analysis).

Choose one question from the following:

[Question 1] Choose a scene from a film in which you analyse a representation of the psychiatric/psychoanalytical process, i.e., a scene in which a character is being psychoanalysed by a doctor (this scene can be a technological variant of this process: the scenes in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, for example, where the protagonists are having their memories erased by doctors)

• How is this scene represented – is it critical of the psychiatric/psychoanalytical process? If so, how does it do this? – you should analyse performance, dialogue, mise en scene, cinematography, etc.
• What purpose does the scene serve in the overall narrative of the film?
• How does this scene articulate the overall theme(s) of the film?

[Question 3] Choose a scene from a film or television episode in which there is representation of a particular Jungian Archetype.

• Describe how the archetype functions within the overall narrative structure of the film.
• Analyse how the archetype is represented in the film (you should analyse the actors’ performance, if appropriate, the mise en scene, the cinematography, etc).
• If possible, relate the functioning of this archetype in the film to its appearance in other forms, i.e. fairy tales or other narrative forms.

[Question 4] A representation of a non-western view or attitude towards the human soul or psyche.

• To do this you will need to research the background to the film or television episode, and to research the particular non-western view or attitude towards the human soul or psyche and its cultural background.
• You should analyse the actors’ performance, the dialogue, the mise en scene, the cinematography, etc.

The film you choose does not have to be narrative/fictional: it can be a documentary, experimental or some other form of moving image—but it must have something to say about the nature of the human psyche and relate to the questions (above). If you choose a documentary or experimental form, discuss your choice with your tutor before embarking on your essay.

• You should state which question you are answering at the beginning of your essay.
• You must include references. You must reference correctly.
• You must include a bibliography

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