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Analytical Report

The task:2 questions. Write a response of 550-650 words on eachIn each answer, you must draw upon (a) the set textbook (Lightbown & Spada) and (b) at least one other reading from the subject book of readings. You may use further references as well, but you must show close and critical reading of (a) and (b).1. Would small differences in L2 proficiency levels among students in a language class be regarded as ‘a resource’, or not, for teaching and learning a) according to a behaviourist perspective of L2 development; and b) according to a socio-cultural perspective of L2 development? Explain your answer.2. If someone claims that they could achieve (spoken) L2 proficiency simply from watching TV shows in that L2, what explanations and challenges could be made about this claim? Draw on at least two different theoretical perspectives of L2 development.

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