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Write an essay critically comparing the role of creativity and the arts in mainstream UK education with at least one other system/approach/philosophy of educationcompare the arts education (Art and design) in mainstream UK PRIMARY KEY STAGE One education to Sweden’s PRIMARY school arts education (again, the subject of art). It has to critically compare the role of CREATIVITY and the arts education in both systems.This essay is not just a description of how creativity and the arts feature in particular systems and approaches. You need to critically compare. This means that you are developing arguments about the UK system and Sweden.Through your research, develop an argument that you want to make about creativity and the arts in education. It is not enough to say that there is not enough creative, arts-based learning in UK mainstream education, you need to think about why you are saying it’s important and that there should be more of it, and what particular creative arts-based processes are you talking about, plus how this can be fosteredThe point of the essay is to craft a powerful argument about the role of creativity and the arts in education. In your introduction, outline the argument you are going to make and the sequence of points you will make. In the conclusion, return to the argument underpinning the essay and suggest ways forward, both in terms of further research that needs to be done, and the practical implications of what you have suggested in this essayMake your argument nuanced. Construct it carefully. Don’t just throw out the idea ‘there is not enough creativity in the UK education system’. Think carefully about what exactly you’re arguing for and why.

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