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Medicine and Health

ASSIGNMENT PART 1 – DISCUSS THE FOLLOWING TWO TOPICS:• The oxygen-haemoglobin curve is an important tool for understanding how our blood carries and releases oxygen.1. Discuss what the oxygen-haemoglobin curve represents and why it has a sigmoid shape2. Describe what a leftward or rightward shift of the curve signifies3. Identify what factors may induce such shifts.750 words +5 references• “Time is brain” is a catchcry used in stroke to emphasise the need for prompt medical intervention. Paramedics have a role in the coordinated approach to stroke management which aims to prevent unnecessary delays in accessing stroke team care.1. Discuss the clinical presentation of a patient suffering an acute stroke.2. Describe the tools and assessment criteria used by Paramedics to identify stroke3. Outline the management principles for treating a stroke patient in the pre-hospital setting.750 words + 5 References

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