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Answer in no more than 3,000 words:What are the main determinants that explain wage differences inthe economy? Answer with reference to ASHE.General essay guidance:• In your answer make sure you refer to the relevant course literature. Ensure thatyour essay is correctly and adequately referenced.• Make sure that you fully address the essay title. Consult the guidelines on essaywriting before you begin. If you have any problems, please contact your tutor. YouMUST discuss an essay plan with your tutor prior to writing your assignment.• A HARD COPY of your essay (in single-sided printing, stapled in the left top cornerand with assessment submission sheet attached) must be handed in to thePostgraduate Office of Keele Management School. You are also required to submitan ELECTRONIC COPY through the Keele Learning Environment (KLE/Blackboard).Both copies must be identical, and must be received by the correct deadline or willbe classed as late submission. Please keep a further copy of your essay for yourself.• Any student who is unable to submit work by the due date for medical or other ‘goodcause’ reasons (see course handbook) need to submit ‘Extenuating Circumstances’through their e:Vision account and provide relevant documentation.• Please remember that it is not acceptable to copy and paste parts of youroriginal assignment into the re-assessment assignment, as Keele Universityregulation does not allow students to submit their own work for more than onecoursework assessments.

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