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Eviews & Data Analysis for Research

Develop the Assignment contained in this paper. Max length 3,000 words.The Assignment is worth 100 marks.Write a theoretical literature review on the following topics. In addition, briefly outlinethe empirical methodology that you would use to test the theory underlined in your literaturereview:(The relationship between monetary policy and stock market movements)The coursework consists of a max3,000 words essay. We are asked to write a literature review on this topics that we studied during the course. The development of your work is at your choice in the sense that after a general introduction, you can focus on one or another aspect of the topic. Just to make an example. Suppose that you want to focus on the relationship between monetary policy and stock market: you may want to highlight how important is monetary policy for the economic system. Then you may ant to introduce Taylor rule and discuss the determinants of monetary policy, including the role of the stock market. After this, you may want to discuss the relationship between monetary policy and stock market in a given country; or you may want to investigate the empirical literature on how that relationship has been tested. As I said, you may decide on which aspect of the topic you want to focus on.Please remember that the coursework is mostly a literature review (let us say 75-80% of your work). Then you should clarify the empirical methodology that you would follow to test the theory underlined in your literature review (no more than 25% of your coursework).You do not need to provide any empirical result or to use Eviews. The coursework is simply a literature review of the topic.You are free to choose any kind of style you prefer.The coursework will submit for Turnitin Check.

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