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BAE Automated Baggage Handling System

The research paper is required to identify a single major issue described in the case study, and key management decisions made by the BAE project manager. Additional research paper requirements must include the following elements: identify the major influences and the circumstances surrounding the major issue selected in the case study, identify the information available to the BAE project manager, identify the major decisions made by the DIA project management team, and in so far as it can be reconstructed, identify and describe the consequences of those decisions. All of which must be associated with the major issue identified. The majority of this paper should be devoted to your detailed analysis of the case as it relates to the issue selected based on class discussion, outside research, and the text. Finally, include your action plan (required) as if you were the BAE project manager.The requirement is that the student seeks to understand how you, as a project manager, would react to the specific issues in the case situation. The bulk of the grade will therefore be allocated to how well you have succeeded in describing this understanding by including the requirements listed in the paragraph above. A portion of the grade will be reserved for how much care has been taken in preparing the paper.mandatory that you properly credit your sources within the paper in addition to the reference material you cite at the end of the paper.

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