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(Deepwater Horizon failure

1. Based on “Drilling Down” and any related materials, please write a reflection (at least 500 words) about what you see as the long term impact of the Macondo Well disaster (Deepwater Horizon failure) on the energy industry, the environment, society and the engineering profession. How can such a disaster lead to improvements in engineering, policy and operations in the fossil fuel industry? How might it affect our search for energy?2. Also, please give another example (any example) of how society’s need for energy is driving the development of increasingly complex ways to find, generate, store or deliver energy. What risks do you see associated with this technology? How can engineers help to lessen these risks – or are the risks too great in your opinion? (at least 500 words).3. You should also add a brief reflection on the paper which focuses on how you feel this assignment relates to material science, other coursework, etc.

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