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Discussion 4

Part 1: What is the process of Instructional Design? In what Stage of Instructional Design do you decide how the training will be delivered? How do you prepare employees for future success?

Part 2 Respond to This Peer: Instructional design is a process of developing training that will teach skills and behaviors that will help an organization achieve its goals. This process starts with assessing needs for training followed by ensuring readiness for training, planning and implementing a training program, and evaluating the results of the training. Organizations, such as the one I currently work for, use systems such as a learning management system to carry out their training programs. At my company, which is a manufacturing facility, we use a learning management system for our monthly safety training on various safety topics. This system is a self-paced, computer based training in which employees can login at any time and complete the training modules and the system automatically updates the employees’ records to show completion. Safety is the most important part of my organization’s management by objectives system and the learning management system helps us to keep accidents to the desired goal rate of “0” (zero) by teaching us how to awareness and prevention concepts. The method of training an organization will use is determined in the 3rd stage of Instructional Design. During this planning stage, it is decided if training will be in-house or contracted out and whether it will include the company will prepare its own program or use training from other organizations. The method of delivery can be presentation, hands-on, or group building via classroom instruction, computer based, audiovisual, on-the-job, simulations, business games, case studies, experimental programs, behavior modeling or action learning. To prepare employees for success, organizations can make sure employees are motivated and see the benefits of the training. Managers can do this by encouragement, rewards, and communication with them about the company’s needs.

Part 3 Respond to This Peer: According to the text, instructional design is defined as “A process of systematically developing training to meet specified needs.” There are five stages of instructional design: assess needs for training, ensure readiness for training, plan training program with objectives, trainers and methods, implement training program with principles of learning, and transfer of training, and finally evaluate results of training. The stage of instructional design in which a decision is made about how the training will be delivered is planning the training. In this stage, there is a choice of training methods such as presentation methods, hands-on methods, and group building methods. To prepare employees for future success, employees must actually learn the training subjects and be able to successfully apply it in the future. By using good techniques in a variety of ways in a thorough manner with access to the information at later times, employees retain the information and can refer to the training to apply it successfully in the future.

Please note all parts are to be completed as separate entities.

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