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Event Conceptualization

The aim of this section is for you to develop your creativity andbrainstorm a ‘new’ event that would fill a gap/niche/opportunityyou have identified in Part A and/or B.The event creation processBriefly define the purpose of the eventVision, goals, objectivesIdentify the event audienceNominate key stakeholdersDetermine the timing of the eventExplain why you have chosen this date/time – does it suit stakeholders, availability of venue, weather at the destination, etcSelect the event venueConsider event needs/comfort/accessibility/cost etcDevelop/create the event conceptWhat is the event ‘product’ / ‘content’?See 5 W’s Goldblatt, (1997 cited in Allen et al, 2011; 141)See also readings: Williams & Bowdin (2007); Getz (1997, 2012, )Revise ‘forces, trends and issues’ section in Chapter 1 (Getz & Page 2016)

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